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Reasons to Buy a Pro Box Security Camera

Posted by Discount Security Store on 10/13/2014
When setting up a CCTV system for your house or business, one of the worst preconceptions you might have is that the choice between different cameras basically comes down to the price. In reality, different types of cameras are better suited for different conditions, and work best with different placements. It’s the technology used in different types of cameras that gives them features which make them more desirable for some tasks. These features are the reasons you should buy one camera instead of the other, not the pricing.

Keys Management Made Easy Using Key Cabinets

Posted by Discount Security Store on 10/5/2014
Office security management can be hosted on different fronts-it can cover front door security, installation of CCTV systems that can protect employees 24/7 and software upgrades to protect computer and even Point of Sale (POS) terminals. Traditionally, offices and other institutions invest a lot of money in these security solutions. While all these can help implement security in the workplace, there are still some ‘ordinary and must-do’ security steps that are often overlooked by the management and security personnel. 

Security Basics For Your Business

Posted by Discount Security Store on 9/4/2014
Isn't the Digital Age great? Before the days of networked computers, wireless access, mobile devices and security software, business owners only had to focus on protecting the physical business space from robbers, thieves and arsonists.

Card Reader Warnings?

Posted by Discount Security Store on 8/20/2014
What was discovered at a hacker conference recently might have only applied to one type of card scanner, but it may just show that even the best card readers and software are susceptible to security breaches unless steps are taken to upgrade.

Saving Money on CCTV Systems

Posted by Discount Security Store on 7/17/2014
If you are thinking about installing a CCTV system for your home or business, then it’s essential that you be completely open and honest with the salesperson.

Cybercrime: Some Simple Tips to Lower Your Risk

Posted by David on 7/17/2014
Security certainly takes on many different forms now, as businesses and homes are under attack not just by human criminals, but also by digital ones now. Everything in our home or business - a TV, a laptop, desktop, mobile device - sometimes even your microwave or refrigerator! - can be subject to a hacking or malware attack jut by having a computer chip in it that creates a language that the appliance or device understands to execute functions.

Keep an Eye on Your Home Even If You’re Out

Posted by Discount Security Store on 7/3/2014
Secure doors, alarm systems and locks are basic security components in your home that can protect your family and your investments from danger and unauthorized access. 

CCTV - Surveillance and Security

Posted by Discount Security Store on 7/3/2014
At DSS – Discount Security Store we have the products you need in relation to home and/or business surveillance and security.

3 Types of Security Products That Will Make Your Work Place Safer

Posted by 3dcart SEM Team on 6/12/2014
Each year businesses suffer millions of dollars in losses because of security breach and employee theft.

When you need to protect your property

Posted by Nick on 5/22/2014
Protecting what's yours doesn't always translate into going to the local gun store, buying the biggest gun, and keeping a vigilant watch over your property. No need to chug Redbulls and eat all of the sugary snacks to make sure that you are not going to miss someone entering your yard, your business, your home.

Security Done Right

Posted by Bryan on 5/5/2014
The thing with security is that it takes a lot of effort to make it actually work. Many companies say that they specialists or the top of the field in regards to security products and know-how

7 Key Ways to Improve Business Digital Security

Posted by Bryan on 5/5/2014
Security is such an issue. But it also leads to a quandary. As Ben Franklin had said, "Those  willing to trade a little liberty for the sake of security will have neither."

Burglars are the NSA - except We Can Stop Burglars

Posted by David on 4/11/2014
Isn't it amazing how the National Security Agency can make us feel so much less secure nowadays? The agency was set up to provide security for the American people by gathering intelligence about possible or known enemies. And many of us had little reason to think much about the NSA because we believed that it was on our side, looking outward for foreign enemies that would look to destroy our free way of life.

The Major Benefits to an Access Control System

Posted by Addie on 4/8/2014
Regardless of the industry that you are involved in, there is always a need to protect important company information. Your business can, undoubtedly, benefit from higher security measures aimed at protecting employees, important documents, the facility, and anything valuable owned by the company. While the reasons to implement an access control system or extensive, these are a few of the major benefits.

4 Most Strategic Places to Install Your Security Cameras

Posted by Cherry on 3/28/2014
You can't compromise on security. The small amount you invest in it goes a long way in keeping your valuables, and yourself, safe. Security cameras protect lives and properties in two major ways: by providing evidence after an incident, and by preventing incidents to happen in the first place. Like all things that you buy insurance for, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Security cameras, and all other access control devices, are a significant deterrent, and for that alone your investment is well worth it.

Pros and Cons of PTZ Cameras

Posted by Marko on 3/26/2014
The PTZ in PTZ cameras stand for pan, tilt and zoom – the three things a PTZ camera can do that other security cameras can’t. The mobility it offers makes it a great choice for surveying large open spaces, but its price makes buying one for a small store or an office overkill. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind all the pros and cons of PTZ cameras when looking into buying cameras for security systems – you may not need a PTZ camera at all, or it may be exactly what you need.

Tips for Choosing the Right Security DVR

Posted by Marko on 2/28/2014
Security digital video recording devices are an integral part of every video security system. They are used to receive and store signal from security cameras, and today they offer a range of additional features that gives them better functionality. That being said, there are some things you need to make sure your DVR covers before going to the advanced features.

Tips for Choosing the Right Video Surveillance System for Your Business

Posted by Bryan on 2/20/2014
If you’re a small business owner, a video surveillance system is one of the expenses you simply can’t cut. However pricy it may seem, investing in security always pays off. Not that it has to be expensive, though. By knowing your business’ needs and the options you have when it comes to video surveillance, you can save money and keep your customers, employees and property safe.
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