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3 Basic Security Devices to Help Protect Your Business

Posted by Discount Security Store on 5/21/2015

Security threats to businesses nowadays have become multi-faceted. It is no longer sufficient to bolt the door and leave for the day knowing that a crowbar can easily pry open an establishment that has only a single layer of defense. Intruders, too, have kept up with the times by using sophisticated equipment to get their hands even on assets that companies put under stringent encryption or electronic safe.

Thus, protecting your business assets from unauthorized access should be one of your foremost concerns, and because of the rapid advancements in security systems and technology, there are now different ways that you can take advantage of them and make them work for you (in the same way that perpetrators use weaknesses in technology to work for them).

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras

CCTV cameras do not provide any physical barrier that keeps thieves and robbers from reaching their targets, but they work great in helping to deter these miscreants from breaking into your place of business and stealing from you. This does not apply to burglars alone. There have been countless reports of employees who were caught stealing from their employers or engaging in criminal activities while in the workplace, and CCTV cameras work just as well in keeping them from doing so.
The mere sight of a CCTV camera has been shown to prevent criminals from pushing through with their intentions. When people see a CCTV camera, they quickly realize that they are being monitored, and knowing this, they are less likely to misbehave. 

Access Cards

Proximity cards and smart cards are quickly becoming a security standard for many large businesses and corporations. These cards are used in opening doors, point-of-sale devices, log-in systems, and many others. The use of these cards and their readers is a great way to go keyless in your office, which is often safer than the traditional lock and key. Without keyholes and padlocks, it will be harder for criminals to enter your establishment since crowbars would be inapplicable in a technology-driven environment. Access cards are also great in keeping your personnel in check, restricting their access to some of the areas in your workplace or warehouse.

Electric Door Strikes

Electric strikes are installed on doors and use electric current to move the latch. These locking devices are used in conjunction with magnetic swipe cards and thus can only be accessed by authorized card holders like employees, security personnel, and officers. The use of electric strikes limits the entry of culprits and unauthorized personnel into restricted areas, thereby protecting valuable assets therein.

Investment in security and minimizing threats to the business goes a long way in keeping the company’s bottomline healthy. In the same way that a feeling of safety is crucial in the person’s quest for self-actualization, so does a secure business environment ensures that the company achieves its goals.