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3 Types of Security Products That Will Make Your Work Place Safer

Posted by 3dcart SEM Team on 6/12/2014

Each year businesses suffer millions of dollars in losses because of security breach and employee theft. Theft at workplace often involves confidential employee or client data or goods. Confidential data can then be used by competitors to gain leverage. Although it isn't always possible to ensure 100% compliance, businesses can definitely take several preventative measures. Given below are 3 security systems that can make your work place safer and more secure:

Key card access

Businesses that want to restrict access to work premises can use key card access. A key card will allow you to define, deny and allow access to individuals. It can be used for restricting or granting access to employees, external staff and contractors. For example, contractors may not be granted access to certain sensitive areas within in the office.

Security camera systems

Analog or digital surveillance cameras are one of the most popular security systems used by businesses and retailers for preventing theft. These cameras can be used for monitoring the exteriors as well as the interiors of your office space. There are several different types of cameras available today ranging from night vision cameras and high resolution to wide angle cameras.

Video intercom system

A great way to prevent theft and fraud at workplace is to restrict access. Knowing who is visiting the facility will allow you to be in better control of access. This intercom system can be installed at all entry points to the business so you can see each person entering the premises. With a system like this it is important to pick a model that offers you superior features such as zoom and pan tilt, hands free communications, wide angle cameras and high resolution monitors.

It is also crucial to create an environment of faith and trust at workplace to avoid security breaches.