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4 Most Strategic Places to Install Your Security Cameras

Posted by Cherry on 3/28/2014
You can't compromise on security. The small amount you invest in it goes a long way in keeping your valuables, and yourself, safe.
Security cameras protect lives and properties in two major ways: by providing evidence after an incident, and by preventing incidents to happen in the first place. Like all things that you buy insurance for, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Security cameras, and all other access control devices, are a significant deterrent, and for that alone your investment is well worth it.
To make them work best, you also need to employ them in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. Redundant security systems are the norm for high-level operations, commercial or some other, but you can start with a few strategically placed devices if you need to protect your home or small business from intruders.
Here are the most strategic places to put up your security cameras for maximum deterrent and investigative value.
Entrances and Exits
These are the standard locations of security cameras, and the most desirable points to install fingerprint readers and other types of biometric devices if you are a corporate entity. Install security cameras in a manner that will allow surveillance of an area three feet wide, as this is usually the width of an average door. Also make sure that lighting does not block facial images. An LCD monitor installed near a security camera allows you to capture a full-on facial image, as eyes are normally drawn to the monitor.
Target Areas
At home, you would benefit from installing security devices that provide surveillance of locations that store valuables. Cash vaults, jewellery safes, file drawers and cabinets are all vulnerable to theft, so a well-situated security camera  monitoring these areas are imperative.
Deserted Areas
Perpetrators seek refuge in secluded places. Deprive them of places to hide by putting up a surveillance system that has a wide-angle view. This works well in parking lots, backyards and narrow alleys that are normally used for escape.
Interaction Areas
The point-of-sale, if you have a business, the lobby, and the reception area are typically guarded round the clock, but an added layer of security will fill the gaps of security personnel lapses. Perpetrators sometimes take cover in a busy environment, but if you have a virtual eye that you can monitor anytime, you can keep close tabs of incidents as they unfold.