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6 Common Building Security Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Posted by Discount Securty Store on 2/20/2016 to Buisness Security

In a commercial environment, building security is critical for protecting the occupants of the building and their property. Unfortunately, some elements of security are forgotten or assumed leading to huge losses. Insufficient security and lack of items like CCTV systems in the U.S. can be as bad as lack of security altogether, and below are some of the common mistakes that you must stay clear of.

Failing to Enforce ID Requirements

Whether it is an industrial or residential building, it is paramount that the ID and badge requirements are enforced. These two items are effective when it comes to controlling access. As much as it may be tempting to let higher management get into the building without their badge, resist the temptation to do so since it undermines the integrity of the program in place. Therefore, ensure that you follow the badge and ID program to keep the building safe.

Not Securing All Entry Points

Many buildings have more than one entrance and exit. Unfortunately, many people fail to secure all these entrances including emergency exits. This poses a huge security risk. All exterior doors need to be fitted with cameras and other monitoring devices, but do not settle for just any security video system. Ensure that you get the best. Furthermore, the fewer active entrances you have, the more secure the building will be.

Focusing on Looks and Not Security

Having an attractive building and neat surroundings is definitely a good thing but you should never prioritize aesthetics over security. Sometimes you will need to install security video systems in places where they are visible and odd. This means that you should not skip such places simply because they will no longer be as beautiful as they used to be without the surveillance cameras. Cameras are not just for observation but also deter criminal behaviors and installing them even if they seem out of place is a necessity.

Installing Security Systems That You Do Not Understand

Security systems require significant financial investment. However, if the security personnel does not understand the security technology in place, then you will never get the most out of it. This in turn leads to the system being underutilized. You need to have your security personnel trained on any security system that is put in place. This will help them make the best use of the equipment and thus keep the building safe.

Failing to Secure Important Rooms

Securing the entire building is critical but there are also rooms within the building that need extra security. Computer server rooms and places where critical documents and files are stored need extra security. Unfortunately, not everyone takes time to secure them which puts data and confidential information at risk. Some of the best ways of securing them include installing biometrics access systems together with security video systems for the deterrent of theft.

Installing Too Much Security

Yes, if you talk to professionals who install cameras, they will tell you that some buildings also have too much security. How is this a mistake? Many of these systems are costly and having too many of them means that you do not get real value for your money. In fact, you are simply wasting money. Therefore, always seek professional help when installing these systems to avoid overdoing it.

Security systems can be the difference between keeping your property safe and your office being constantly broken into. As a result, you must get the installation right, and one of the best ways of achieving this is by avoiding these mistakes.