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Assessing Small Business Security Risks

Posted by Discount Security Store on 2/4/2015

Your small business is your livelihood, your bread and butter.  Imagine the trouble, time and expense of replacing inventory and tools.  The small business owner must think through all possible security issues beforehand to protect the business from harm.  There are a number of questions the small business owner can ask in order to assess possible risks:

What are my risks of theft?

What would a thief want to take from me? Computers? Other Technology? Inventory? Cash?  Credit Card information? Documents?

What are my other risks?

What are the risks of fire or flooding damage?

Are there overloads on the system? 

Are the electrical outlets up to code?

Who would respond if any of the risks above became an actuality?

Most of these business security risks can be significantly lowered by instillation of an Access Control Device.  By doing so, one can eliminate costly expenses of re-keying when there are changes in privilege among employees.  In addition have an Access Control Device will save you tons of worry, when you lock up at night.

You will need to familiarize employees on certain procedures and protocol in relation to Access Control.  All who have access will have to be trained thoroughly.  Certain employees may be granted access, based on trustworthiness, while others may have only limited access – this is your policy to create in maintaining control and security of operations.  Keep information handy on all employees and contractors who have access to security control.

Make sure the information on your computers is secure. If you have a router that shares internet, make it a secure connection and change the pass code frequently. Do not store sensitive information or customer information where employees or hackers can access it either from outside the company or if they manage to steal your computers.

You may also want to join a “Business Watch” like a Neighborhood Watch for people whose businesses are in close proximity.  You can share information about security measures, suspicious activity, crime updates and threats. Remember, you’re not just protecting your business and your income, you’re protecting your employees and your customers too!