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Basics of Digital CCTV Cameras and Digital Video Recording

Posted by Discount Security Store on 12/9/2014

CCTV, Closed Circuit Television was developed for security purposes. Digital CCTV cameras are the best provider of security and surveillance. The more important uses of security systems include recordings of banks and stores, health and safety, factory production monitoring, event watching, sports activity recordings etc. Out-door CCTV Systems have now become common for security purposes in business premises. Having Digital CCTV Cameras, enable you to make the best use of it through all the many 'bells and whistles'. You can maximize the potential of your cameras and set them according to your situation.

IP CCTV: 'Internet Protocol' which means your cameras is connected wirelessly to a central unit instead of being connected by wires and cables. The obvious advantage of this is you are free from the risk of wires and worrying about whether the wires will reach the points you want them to. Digital CCTV cameras in business premises ensure a smooth flow of activities. With the help of these systems you can keep a track record of the employee activities being carried out in your absence. This further avoids illegal activities and assured success and productivity of your enterprise. A camera would act as your open eye in the location, where you aren't present. Not only do business owners have faith in CCTV camera, also house and property owners have felt the need of CCTV systems to secure their surroundings. Innovations and new developments are brought into these systems everyday. They have become more and more reliable.

The best thing that happened to mankind recently is Digital Video Recording. It’s a device that could record the events or history onto the disks or other devices that could carry the data. The major operating systems Linux, Mac and Microsoft windows can support the Digital video recording programs. LG was the first one to bring this concept in the market in 2007. DVR functions are incorporated by many satellites and cable companies into their set-top boxes such as dish player, dish DVR Motorola 6xxx etc. In these systems there is no need of encoding, as the satellite signal is already digitally encoded. Digital Video Recording systems are configured for physical security. They record videos from Closed Circuit Television cameras for detection purposes. Many systems record audio as well.

DVR's are feature rich and provide services that exceed the simple video recordings previously done through VCRs. A DVR CCTV system provides a multiple advanced functions over VCR technology. It records and analyses the history and events with proper date and time. Security DVR's may either be PC based or embedded. A PC based DVR is a classical personal computer that captures video images with video capture cards. An embedded type of DVR is just as a digital video recorder with application and operating systems in read-only memory.