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Business Security - Shoplifting Prevention

Posted by Discount Securty Store on 12/15/2015 to Buisness Security

It is estimated that 35.8% of annual losses due to shrinkage are attributed to shoplifting. The #1 reason for shoplifting is that it is easy and there is little or no risk involved. The challenge is having the ability to spot a shoplifter before he or she commits the crime. Unfortunately shoplifters come in many shapes and sizes. A shoplifter can be rich or poor. Young or old. Male or female. The point here is, you can’t tell just by looking at people whether or not they will steal from you. One thing may be certain; shoplifters tend to behave in similar ways. Knowing what behaviors to look for may help you reduce or avoid becoming a victim of shoplifting.

Tips to Help Prevent Shoplifting:

  • Install convex mirrors that allow employees to easily observe all corners and aisles.
  • Have only one entrance and one exit to your business.
  • Have a patrol officer at the entrance and exit.
  • Keep expensive merchandise inside locked cases.
  • Use electronic tags that cannot be removed by a non-employee without damaging the merchandise.
  • Install security cameras in plain view.

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