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CCTV Camera Systems for Security, Safety and Surveillance

Posted by Discount Security Store on 7/14/2016 to CCTV

When buying a security system, you are buying it for a specific purpose. Whether it is to protect your property, your employees, or your business, having a security system in place will not only bring peace of mind to you but also to your insurance company. Many of these insurance companies will offer a discount if you have a security system installed.

Defending your business, protecting assets, and deterring crime are essential if you want to keep your business, valuables and employees, safe. But if you've ever worried that a security system was too complicated, we have created a professional system designed for your needs and at a cost which is worth your safety and security.

The camera packages we are offering are state of the art bullet cameras and recording systems. We offer CCTV packages that start off with 4 cameras and go up to a 16 camera system. Included in these camera systems are power supplies for all of the cameras, multiple channels to watch each camera's point of view, and a storage device to hold all of the information. With these packages you are getting everything you need in one place and at a great price!

Discount Security Store is a security product distributor specializing in access control and CCTV products. We sell quality brands like HID proximity and iClass readers and access cards, Pelco, Sony, and Panasonic CCTV cameras, monitors, and video recorders to security dealers, hospitals, airports, government agencies, and businesses nationwide. We guarantee fast turnaround time, discounted pricing, and ... free UPS ground shipping on all orders!