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CCTV for Home and Business Security

Posted by Discount Securty Store on 5/14/2016

At Discount Security Store we have the products you need in relation to home and/or business surveillance and security. What follows is a basic understanding of what CCTV is and how it functions for surveillance and security.

Utilizing the use of video cameras, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) transmits a signal to a desired place, on a set of monitors. It differs from broadcast television in that the signal is not openly-transmitted, though it may employ point-to-point (P2P), point-to-multipoint, or mesh wireless-connect services. Though almost all video cameras fit in the above description and definition, the term today (CCTV) is most often used for surveillance in areas which may need to be monitored such as banks, casinos, airports, the military, and convenience shops.

The use of CCTV was seen as a cheaper way to deter crime compared to increasing the size of police departments or hiring home or business security services. Some businesses as well, especially those that were prone to theft, began to use video surveillance. Police departments across the country installed an increasing number of cameras in various public spaces including housing projects, schools and public parks departments. CCTV later became common in banks and stores to minimize theft, by recording evidence of criminal activity.

Surveillance cameras are the cornerstone of any home and professional security system. Suppliers offer a wide range of CCTV security cameras; from multi-camera to all-weather options, there is a complete solution available for you to monitor your home or office. With a CCTV setup, one can protect his or her property from damage from strangers, intruders and theft. CCTV security camera systems allow you to control your home surveillance from one central location via a central DVR or access control display. Use of security cameras is considered as the best way of deterring criminals from causing harm to your home or your property (even when you are thousands of miles away from your home), keeping away intruders and it can also check the activities of your kids, maids, or guests.

Since you are here, take the time to browse and shop, our inventory of CCTV security devices. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will assist you with your purchase.