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Card Reader Warnings?

Posted by Discount Security Store on 8/20/2014

What was discovered at a hacker conference recently might have only applied to one type of card scanner, but it may just show that even the best card readers and software are susceptible to security breaches unless steps are taken to upgrade.

Security cards may not be a big deal in terms of breaches, but the possibility exists of something happening when one considers what was discovered at the Black Hat conference for cybersecurity.

At the conference, a major data breach was achieved though a simple point-of-sale card reader, similar to security card readers. The presenters at the conference showed a rogue credit card being swiped, which infused a Trojan horse into the terminal that collected all the credit card information stored in the terminal. Then, a second card not only gathered all the information, but even erased the Trojan horse from the memory so there would be little to no evidence of a hack at the end of the day.

While security-card readers are a little different, and we are not here to scare you away from using cards and card readers, we think it's useful to know how hacks can happen, where the vulnerabilities are so that proactive steps can be taken to ensure the security of all cards and computerized systems.

Check our inventory of card readers and smart cards, and be assured that they will have the very latest security measures in place for any potential hacker. And you can trust that work is being done to stay a step ahead of any potential cybercriminals.