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DSS-1700M LCD 17" Flat Panel
DSS-1700M LCD 17' Flat Panel

DSS-1700M LCD 17" Flat Panel

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Part Number:DSS-1700M
The DSS-1700M LCD monitor features include high resolution 1024 x 768, thin cross section - Less than 2.5" deep, multiple Inputs - VGA, Composite Video, S-Video Audio Inputs. Features include: High Resolution 1024 x 768, Thin Cross Section - Less than 2.5" Deep Panel, Multiple Inputs - VGA, Composite Video, S-Video, Audio Inputs - Stereo (PC), Audio L/R, Audio Outputs - Speaker / Earphone, contrast Ratio of 300:1, Brightness of 250cd, Wide Viewing Angle, Fast Response Time - 5ms/20ms, On-Screen Menu, and power supply is included. See data sheet.