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Your Six Step Plan to Keeping Your Home Safe from Burglars

Posted by Discount Security Store on 11/19/2014

You can indeed keep your home safe from burglars. Yes, we know that each and every minute of every day, four homes are burglarized in America. But, that does not mean that every home gets burglarized. Your challenge, as a homeowner, is to take your home off of the Open for Burglary list and place it onto to the Look Elsewhere Buddy list. This six-step anti-burglary plan will do just that.

1. Automatic Timers

Timers are inexpensive and easy to to set up. Before going out of town, plug some lights, your television and other electronic devices into electronic timers so that passerbies will think you are home day and night.  

2. Motion-Sensing Lights

Exterior motion-sensing lights will keep folks from coming close to your home in the darkness. Burglars hate to be illuminated.

3. Keep it Mum

Do not let passerbies see that you are out of town. Cancel your newspaper’s service, put a hold on your mail, and make sure your gardener keeps coming so that your lawn and gardener looks well kept.

4. Make Everyone a Star

Do not let burglars operate in private. Instead, install some CCTV cameras around your home to record comings and goings. Oh, and make sure that visitors to your home can see that you have these devices installed. Simply letting others know they are being watched and recorded will get them to move on to look for an easier target.

5. Spread the Word

Put up signs and window stickers that spread the word that your home makes use of burglar-preventive measures such as cameras and neighborhood watch programs.

6. Keep it Groomed

As covered above, burglars do not want to be seen, which means they need places to hide while they do their evil deeds. Eliminate potential hiding places by keeping the bushes and shrubs around your home pruned so that they do not cover windows or doors. Do not give burglars a concealed entryway into your home.