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Dome Cameras VS. Bullet Cameras: Which is Better for You?

Posted by Discount Security Store on 2/20/2015

If you have been searching for security cameras to use in your own home, office, or establishment, you've probably come across both dome and bullet cameras by now. These are indeed common surveillance cameras that go a long way back and have their respective share of advantages and disadvantages.

The question is--- which one is better suited for your purpose?

Well, here are a couple of differences that can give you a better idea as to what you ought to pick:


When it comes to installing or mounting the camera, both will not give you any problem. However, dome cameras can only be fixed to face one direction. If you wish to change it, you will need to remove it in order to adjust the direction before mounting again. Meanwhile, bullet cameras can be turned and moved even while they are mounted.


If you want your security camera to be discreet, you ought to go for the dome type. This is not easily noticeable and can come in what's called as "smoke dome", hence further covering it up and making it difficult to figure out where the camera is facing. However, if you wish to scare away intruders, you must show your camera. Use a bullet camera in front of your shop, for instance, so as to warn potential robbers that they are being watched.


Both types are actually known to be durable and long-lasting. Nevertheless, you have to be wary of the likelihood of vandalism for bullet cameras since these are more visible to others. They have a greater tendency to get destroyed than dome cameras which are obscure. But then, if you intend to place your surveillance camera in an outdoor area, bullet cameras will be more suitable. They are better protected in different weather conditions.


When it comes to the quality of the footage, you won't encounter any problem. So long as you pick a reliable brand and a good model, you can expect high resolution video even with the "smoke dome" and sometimes even with varying temperature in the environment. What's more, newer models are a lot more efficient even in low lighting.

Whether you decide to get a dome camera or bullet camera for your security, you will surely appreciate the ones that we carry. We make sure to offer only the finest quality that you can depend on. Check out our collection today!