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Dome Security Cameras

Posted by Discount Security Store on 8/7/2015

A dome security camera is simply a circuit board camera put within a dome enclosure. Usually the fixture of a dome surveillance camera is fastened on a ceiling. First an open circle is cut in a drop ceiling panel where the light weight unit is affixed. Wires can then be strung easily atop your drop ceiling and connected to a television screen to get live monitoring connected to a DVR for a combination of taping and monitoring if required.

The dome enclosure will be most often glazed or tinted to cloak the expensive electronic equipment inside. The dome can also house LED lights which aid the camera lens to capture video in darkness. The dome fixture also hides the direction the dome security camera will be aimed. This trick enhances the effectiveness of your CCTV security as a preventative element. The majority of industrial grade CCTV dome cameras give comparable great features as bullet security cameras while offering multiple distinctive options, for example:

Vandal Resistant dome surveillance cameras - built with tough metal or carbon fiber shells that defend the hardware in the interior from sabotage, destruction or other violent encounters. Ceiling style dome CCTV cameras give you unobtrusive look which won’t ruin an interior design. Dome CCTV cameras are often found in retail stores and other small business applications that have a lot of traffic. Smoked dome CCTV cameras cloak who the unit is aimed. The darkened colored shell conceals the direction of the lens, and can deter theft or other problems that will cost small businesses a lot of money.

Outdoor dome CCTV cameras can be useful, however, because they mount from above, this limits the situations where dome surveillance cameras may be effectively affixed. This seeming limitation is overcome with either swivel type housings or PTZ options.

Where are Dome Surveillance Cameras Used?

Dome CCTV cameras may be deployed in many situations where ceiling type security cameras are needed, for example: waiting rooms, restaurants, casinos and apartment buildings. Parking lots frequently utilize professional grade high-speed dome surveillance cameras which can provide cover open areas through PTZ controls.

PTZ dome security cameras (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) allow a single camera monitor a 360 degree view. PTZ controls let 1 camera can take care of areas which would otherwise need multiple fixed cameras to cover. PTZ dome security cameras can be ideal when covering large areas such as, buildings, streets, parking lots, and so forth.

Night vision surveillance domes outfitted with powerful infrared LEDs are good for indoors, outdoors and low-light conditions. Some dome security cameras will automatically switch to black and white during near dark light situations which allow for better clarity.