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The ABCs of Safety Training for Your Employees

Posted by Discount Security Store on 11/29/2014

No matter what your business is, you owe it to your employees to keep them safe and secure while they are at work. While having secure access-control of your business’ doors and a CCTV system to monitor and record the comings, goings, and other happenings that take place at your location go a long ways towards helping you protect your people, you also need to make sure your people are given the proper safety training as well. Doing this makes them part of your security system while also keeping them safe.

There is a wide variety of safety education and training programs available across the nation to include those that can be provided onsite at your location and those that are 100 percent online. No matter which way you go with this type of training, there is a training program that is right for you and your business. Below are two of the most useful types of safety training programs you ought to consider.

Workplace Security Training for Employees

This type of training is geared towards helping employees understand their role in security at work and how to help prevent theft of trade secrets, equipment, cash, and so on; vandalism and arson; and violence in the workplace. Not only should you ensure that your employees receive this type of training, the Occupational Safety and Health Act mandates that all workplaces are safe and secure.    

Personal Safety Training for Employees

Rather than focusing on the office or business as a whole, this training helps employees understand how they can protect themselves and their coworkers. At the very least, a solid personal safety training for employees program needs to cover de-escalation techniques; safety in fringe areas such as parking lots and elevators; and specifically how to alert authorities if need be.