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Essential Tips for Home Security

Posted by Discount Security Store on 9/22/2015

Protecting one's family begins with securing and safeguarding the home.  With a plethora of home security resources and websites out there, gathering tips on basic home security can be an overwhelming process.  We have taken the time to culminate and review what we believe as the essentials to get one started on home protection and security.  Most of the tips are relatively inexpensive and easy to implement.

Collaborate with a neighborhood “watch” system, this would be especially strategic due to vacations, extended trips to visit family and/or friends.  Ensure that the neighbors would know when you would leave and return. One could as a neighbor collect mail and newspapers or if privacy is highly-valued, hire or ask someone to mend the lawn or even to house-sit.

An essential tip for home security is to change the locks in a new house or if any keys to your home are lost.   On the one hand – you don’t know who has had access to the keys to your new home, on the other –you may not know who is currently in possession of them.

Alarm systems are considered one of the most effective forms of home security and protection.  By thwarting away potential burglars, informing emergency and response authorities, as well as warning homeowners of any potential dangers, an alarm system, coupled with other structural forms of security, will upgrade the homeowner’s sense of security exponentially.

Upgrade a number of structural home safety and security items.  Deadbolt locks can be installed.  Although spring latch locks are less expensive, the recommended 1 inch thick dead bolt are stronger and provide considerably more support and home protection.  Install the deadbolt with minimal space between the frame and the door itself (ensuring that no one can pry in-between the gap).  The use of metal bars on any sliding glass door or window, properly installed along the bottom track will prevent any burglar, from forcing the door or window open.  If the hinges on any door is outside the house, remove and re-install using interior door hinges for added protection from obtrusion.  Windows can be further protected through the use of window-locks as well as burglar-proof glass.

There are also some general recommendations and suggestions concerning other ways of upgrading home security and protection.  Conceal any wiring which is exterior to the home, associated with home security.  The wiring could be buried, the use of PVC or plastic moulding can be used to hide the cable.  In addition, one may wish to bury the moulding and conceal any junction boxes separately. The use of light is an effective security measure especially in illuminating any intruders –suggestions are given to light up the home’s entrance and possibly other quadrants of the house, through automatic timers and infrared motion detectors.  One last essential tip is to not leave a separate key in conspicuous places which are easily discoverable, such the mailbox, under a rock near the front door, or on the top ledge of an exterior door frame.  These are all too obvious.  One can find specialty outdoor items which house secret compartments and fit in with the landscape.  Better yet, leave a set of keys with friends or family who you truly without exception trust.

The above tips, suggestions, & recommendations should provide the home-owner with a suggested plan of ensuring further ways to protect the home.  If adapted the home-owner will benefit from a heightened sense of security and protection in relation to guarding the values and residents within the home itself.