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Keep an Eye on Your Home Even If You’re Out

Posted by Discount Security Store on 7/3/2014

Secure doors, alarm systems and locks are basic security components in your home that can protect your family and your investments from danger and unauthorized access. But these home protection tools will become useless as soon as burglars find a way to circumvent your alarm systems, find a duplicate key for doors or have destroyed the locks. Also, these home protection tools aren't complete security tools for your home- these systems can’t tell you who broke into your home, at what time and the many things they did to your home. If you want to keep an eye on your home, even if you are not around and record what’s going on, then a video surveillance system can serve as your best bet for home security.

Digital video recorders record and archive video files

Video surveillance systems are critical investments not just for business establishments but also for homes. Also known as DVRs, these pieces of equipment are central to your home surveillance system that can help record and archive video files. In modern DVRs, homeowners can expect remote monitoring, thus keeping you informed about what’s going on inside the house every step of the way.

These are readily available in the market, and packed with different advanced features for better security solutions. For example, you can find DVRs that can work even in the dark. These DVRs are fitted with night vision illumination, thus allowing the system to capture movements even in dark corners or spots of your home. You can even find DVRs that can be programmed to send notifications to your smart phone or e-mail, thus keeping you informed even if you are out of your home. In fact, some surveillance systems will also provide you with ‘Live View’ so you’ll know what’s happening inside your home in real time even if you are thousands of miles away!

And in order to get the best coverage and assistance from camera surveillance systems and DVRs, it’s important to discover the best way to position these cameras. You can fortify your home’s defenses against burglars by focusing cameras on the front and back door. A few more cameras scattered in your home can help you stay on top of the situation.

Securing and protecting your home requires the use of varied and complementary technologies. Traditional security tools like locks can help, but when it comes to a complete and secure solution, you can pull it off by installing a smart surveillance system.