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Keys Management Made Easy Using Key Cabinets

Posted by Discount Security Store on 10/5/2014

Office security management can be hosted on different fronts-it can cover front door security, installation of CCTV systems that can protect employees 24/7 and software upgrades to protect computer and even Point of Sale (POS) terminals. Traditionally, offices and other institutions invest a lot of money in these security solutions. While all these can help implement security in the workplace, there are still some ‘ordinary and must-do’ security steps that are often overlooked by the management and security personnel. For example, offices and security personnel tend to overlook the keys used in locking and securing the different rooms in the office. For many security personnel, their tasks are considered done as soon as doors and storage areas have been locked for the day. Keeping the doors closed and lock are no longer enough, effective security measure means storing and securing the door keys and keeping all these away from unauthorized individuals.

The traditional (and often irresponsible) way of storing and keeping keys is to keep them in the pocket or store these in jars or boxes. Through this step allows you to keep the keys in one place, still this approach isn’t secure and opens the keys and doors to unauthorized use and access. When it comes to office keys management, your best bet is through the use of key cabinets. The use of key cabinets can deliver a number of great results for office, warehouse and even schools.

Helps restrict key access

With the use of custom key cabinets, the management can restrict access to the keys. Key cabinets are available in different configurations, with some cabinets secured by a separate key and there are some cabinets that are electronically locked with re-settable number combinations. With these designs, the management can assign the codes or specific keys to authorized personnel, and they are the ones who’ll have access to keys. Top brands even offer cabinets with theft-deterrent or lockout feature that will generate audio signals in case the wrong combination is used. You can even take security to another level by using fingerprint access when securing the keys.

Secure important keys

Certain keys can be stored and positioned strategically in key cabinets in such a way that only authorized individuals can take these out. This is made possible through the use of secure locking mechanisms, thus keys cannot be removed from its slot if the proper code or authorization is not used.

With the adoption of key cabinets, the management will not only centralize the collection and storage of office keys. Its adoption will ensure that only authorized individuals can access the keys, thus securing all the resources found in the office.