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Moving In Security Checklist for Families

Posted by Discount Security Store on 3/27/2015
Spring or late fall is the perfect time to schedule a move thanks primarily to the immediate availability of moving companies and professionals who can help you move out and take ownership in your new address. The days to avoid are weekends, and if you have kids in tow, consider working around the school calendar. Schedule a few weeks ahead of the opening of classes to give your kids ample time to know the neighborhood and the school. And in the middle of hustle and bustle of packing, moving and unpacking boxes, many individuals tend to forget one critical moving in requirement-ensuring safety in the new address. If you are clueless on what and where to start, consider the following tips as recommended by experts. 

First things first- change the locks 

You are the new owner and occupant of the property, thus you should have control of the doors and locks. Replace all existing locks in the apartment or the new house by working with a hardware store that can provide you with durable and reliable door locks, keys and deadbolts. Extreme care and caution should be exercised when selecting and shopping for locks. Don’t just shop for available locks; know the lock lingo especially the industry ratings, identify your budget and reinforce the door frame. Weak and hollow doors will give in first before the tough door locks. Security-coded locks can work for your home, provided that the codes are regularly changed. 

Re-program the CCTV system or install a new one 

If the property is already fitted with a CCTV system or a house alarm, check the manual to reprogram the systems. If not, install a new CCTV system for your home that can serve as your eyes even if you are out of the house. A complete CCTV system comes with at least three or four cameras which can be positioned strategically in different parts of the house. You can position one camera in the front door, in the living room or install one in the bedroom. With the installation of a camera system, you can relax knowing that movements inside the house are tracked and recorded even if you are out of town. 

Don’t forget to draft a security checklist that everyone in the household will use when leaving the house for work or a short vacation. All the latest upgrades in the world are useless if you forgot to lower the garage door, or forgot to close your windows at the back of your house.