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Night Vision Monitoring for CCTV

Posted by Discount Securty Store on 7/1/2016 to CCTV

Video security technology has drastically improved over the last twenty years and we have security camera system features now that weren’t even in their infancy just 10 years ago. If you haven’t shopped for a video security system before, the laundry list of standard features can be a bit daunting at first glance and you may feel in over your head. Don’t panic. Whether you’re looking for a small, entry level system to secure your home or your security needs are a little more complex, Night Vision Monitoring is one of the most important aspects of CCTV

Night Vision Monitoring

Being able to clearly capture details on video at night is a crucial component of any CCTV system. With the majority of break-ins, vandalism, and thefts occurring under the cover of darkness, being able to accurately identify the criminals or their vehicle is key in recovering lost possessions and worth its weight in gold in aiding the police in their investigation.

There are various ways that you can add night vision monitoring to your security system (cameras with infrared LEDs, IR cut filters, or software for true day/night) and though the method varies, the end result is all the same. The security cameras record in full color during the day and when the lighting level drops below a set point, the camera automatically switches over to night vision mode and operates independently of ambient light so your system will be able to capture footage even in total darkness.

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