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Prevent Shoplifting This Christmas Season

Posted by Discount Security Store on 12/19/2015 to CCTV
The Christmas season is the time for cheer and goodwill- but unfortunately it’s also prime time for shoplifting. The Center for Retail Research shows a 20% increase in shoplifting over the Christmas holidays. So although it’s important to get your store decorated and feeling festive for your shoppers, it’s also very important to increase your security measures over the holidays. 

What do they steal?

Alcohol, fashion accessories, smart phones and tablets, women’s clothing, toys, jewellery, and electrical goods are the most common shoplifted items. Professional and semi-professional thieves cause the most financial loss, since they go for the higher priced items. Petty shoplifters grab whatever they can get, and it’s often cheaper items. 

Shoplifters like big crowds because it’s easier to slip by security unnoticed. With everyone coming out in droves to purchase gifts, it’s easy for someone to slip by a store’s security system when the alarm is going off every few minutes on non-stolen items, or security guards are spread too thin and can’t watch everything. 

Christmas is also a desperate time of year for many people. They may not have the money to get the kind of gifts that they want, so they try to steal higher priced items. 
Preventing theft isn’t just a financial concern, it’s also a safety one for your staff and customers. A botched theft can lead to an angry confrontation at best and violence at the worst. Obviously this is something to be avoided for many reasons. 

So whatever your usual security measures may be, it’s wise to increase them until the holidays are done. If you don’t have an effective CCTV and alarm system, this is the time to get one installed. And make sure your camera placements are positioned to cover all areas in the store, especially if you’re reorganizing your floor layout for the holidays.