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Protecting Schools Using Locks and Camera Systems

Posted by Discount Security Store on 4/12/2015
Protecting today’s schools no longer just require the use of gated security and ordinary locks. With an increasing threat to student security and new technologies, it is only critical that school administrator should also pay attention to student and school security, on top of the usual attention paid to curriculum and delivery of instruction. And the need for a comprehensive security program is directly proportional to area, student population and the administration’s commitment to safety and security inside the school. 

Varied security solutions for different purposes 

When it comes to school grounds security, attention should not be focused solely on door locks and the main gate that screens who gets in and out of the facility. And not all doors should be locked, controlled, and should feature 24-hour security. For example, the doors leading to the grade school rooms and the cafeteria should be open as soon as they start arriving, and should be closed as soon as class hours have ended. Even the actual classrooms don’t require locks at all times; these are open during class hours for easy entry and exit of students. In the preparatory and grade school sections of the school, the use of locks on all doors may not be necessary all the time. What’s more important is to come up with a security system that can monitor and supervise the actions and activities of the students from afar. This is where a closed camera circuit television comes into the picture- a strategically placed video security system within the school grounds can put the school administrator at the center of things and keep track at what’s happening. Cameras can be focused on strategic places, on the main gate, the hallways, cafeteria, library, offices and play area. 

Colleges and universities may need different set or specialized security mechanisms depending on its course offerings. For example, laboratories, computer facilities and simulation rooms may require locks or special security access where only authorized persons can access the facilities. Security items like proximity cards and readers can be given to authorized individuals so they can access the facilities. And if there are dormitories or student housing, higher security requirements may be employed starting at the gate going to their rooms and even their personal lockers. 

Assess security requirements before adoption 

To ensure complete security details and minimize the complexity that comes with security decisions, it’s important to organize the specific security requirements of the school. Security requirements can be arranged at different levels and in a pyramid. At the base are the mechanical locking systems and electronic controls to an integrated security system. A complete and high-technology security system that satisfies all level may not be necessary for all schools, but what’s necessary is come up with a security system that’s commensurate to the needs of the school and community.