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Reasons to Buy a Pro Box Security Camera

Posted by Discount Security Store on 10/13/2014

When setting up a CCTV system for your house or business, one of the worst preconceptions you might have is that the choice between different cameras basically comes down to the price. In reality, different types of cameras are better suited for different conditions, and work best with different placements. It’s the technology used in different types of cameras that gives them features which make them more desirable for some tasks. These features are the reasons you should buy one camera instead of the other, not the pricing.

In the case of pro box security cameras, there are two things that make them stand out from the bunch - the high quality of footage they capture, and the fact that you can change their lenses. In practice, this means that a pro box security camera is best used in situations when you need to capture a high amount of detail, for example when it’s very important to capture facial features. On the other hand, the interchangeable lenses allow you to customize the viewing distance and angle. That means that, with the use of appropriate lenses, box security cameras can be used both indoors and outdoors. Still, if you want to use them outside of the house or business, it’s best to put the camera in protective casing, to keep it safe from the elements and at least some attacks. Also, box security cameras sometimes come with a day/night designation, which means they can be used in both good lighting and low light conditions.

The versatility and high quality footage are the two main reasons to buy box security cameras. Of course, they will act as a deterrent as well, as they are large enough to be hard to miss, which makes them all the more valuable. So, if you’d only have to buy one type of security camera for your whole CCTV system, pro box security cameras might be among the best choices you could make.