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Remote Access on Smartphones / Tablets for CCTV

Posted by Discount Security Store on 7/1/2016 to CCTV

Video security technology has drastically improved over the last twenty years and we have security camera system features now that weren’t even in their infancy just 10 years ago. If you haven’t shopped for a video security system before, the laundry list of standard features can be a bit daunting at first glance and you may feel in over your head. Don’t panic. Whether you’re looking for a small, entry level system to secure your home or your security needs are a little more complex, Remote Access is one of the most important aspects of CCTV.

Plainly put, Apple revolutionized the CCTV industry with the iPhone. Back in the old dark days of yore, you had to be physically on-site to view your security system’s video feeds.

With the advent of the smartphone and broadband internet, your system is quite literally at your fingertips everywhere you go. With a free app that’s available on both the iTunes and Android marketplace, you can sign in, view archived video, and manage your surveillance system on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere with an internet connection.

This security camera system feature is peace of mind in your pocket. At any time of day or night, you can check in on your family, make sure your employees are working, double check that you turned off the lights before you went on vacation, or adjust your recording schedule for an upcoming holiday.

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