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Request to Exit Devices at Discount Security Store

Posted by Discount Security Store on 9/23/2016

Request to exit devices are used with access control systems to allow passage through locked doors from the protected side of controlled entry points.  Request to exit buttons open the electronic or magnetic locking devices without requiring the individual to present credentials.  In the United States, fire codes require request to exit devices in access control installations to ensure people dont get trapped in burning facilities.  Request to exit devices come in many varieties, but the purpose of all types and models is the same.

The most common forms of request to exit buttons are standard push buttons that are typically wall mounted on the protected side of the door and motion detectors that are usually installed above the controlled door.  Other forms of request to exit devices exist, such as emergency crash bars and glass break enclosures with button releases, but experts  know the options and can recommend the ones that functionally and aesthetically work best for each application.  The important thing to note is that some type or combination of types must be deployed in all commercial access control installations to meet fire code.  In fact, fire code in most areas requires two request to exit devices for each controlled access door.

Request to exit devices typically work by breaking the power to a normally powered device, such as a magnetic lock.  The lock requires power to keep it secure.  For example, when someone presents their credentials at the controlled door to request entry, the access control panel validates the individual and sends a momentary break in the lock power to release the door and allow entry.  Request to exit devices do the same thing; however, they do not discriminate between requesting individuals.  In fact, the device is often wired through the lock power at the door so that it will still cut lock power in the event the fire has disrupted communications back to the access control panel.

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