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Security Basics For Your Business

Posted by Discount Security Store on 9/4/2014

Isn't the Digital Age great? Before the days of networked computers, wireless access, mobile devices and security software, business owners only had to focus on protecting the physical business space from robbers, thieves and arsonists.

Security has taken on a whole new meaning now. It has become much more involved and complex with computers now available to essentially serve as a back door entrance to your business and all its sensitive information. It was easy in the old days - just put up some shatterproof glass, triple-lock the doors, put up security cameras and have a strong safe in the back and all is well.

But now, even with all those precautions, you can still get "robbed" by computer geeks who find a way into your network and can take things even more valuable than your physical assets - information about your business, your employees and most importantly, your customers.

To help you, we've compiled some of the best advice to provide maximum security for your business - both in terms of physical assets as well as digital.

On the digital side, the most important thing is firewalls. You need to restrict your computer network to only be accessible within your network and business - set up as many firewalls as you need to keep out any unauthorized access from other networks or locations. It is then easier to spot a breach and find accountability.

Limit network computer access of employees only to networks and websites that are essential to the job. Letting your employees browse freely on work computers can expose your company to hidden threats, even from innocuous-looking websites.

Give each employee their own username, and strictly hold to the rule of no sharing passwords.

Think about keeping all your financial and customer records on a single computer and severely restrict access to only those people for whom access would be vital to their job (such as the CEO, CFO and maybe a person in charge of inventory); and limit that computer's access only to that essential software and perhaps the business' bank website for online banking purposes. Again, the fewer access points you have, the harder it will be for your data to be breached.

When it comes to physical assets, always be vigilant at opening and closing times. Thieves like distracted workers. Doing opening and closing procedures is a perfect distraction for thieves to get access, so always have someone available to be a lookout of sorts to spot any suspicious activity or person.

Light your property well inside and out. And try to have your business be visible from the street so passers-by and/or law enforcement officers can see clearly into and around your business.

If you are not a 24-hour business operation, having at least some kind of security system that is activated when the business is closed. Many security companies have a wide range of systems to fit virtually any budget and provide you the security you need. Be open to considering this option.