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Security Done Right

Posted by Bryan on 5/5/2014

The thing with security is that it takes a lot of effort to make it actually work. Many companies say that they specialists or the top of the field in regards to security products and know-how, but then they pulled their blackberries and call in a patrol car to do a round or two in area and leave. That isn't the kind of security you're looking for in regards to your office, warehouse, or any place with vital information. When a security company comes in with camera that are the size of their arm, you should probably ask for your money back.

Getting security right takes you having to look into the field and getting the best gear possible. Have the edge over the competition comes with getting gear and infrastructure that can give the best security at the lowest price. Keeping prices low starts with you purchasing the gear at a great price rather than the inflated costs that many manufactures offer to contractors or private firms. Thing is though even with the right equipment you can still fail at providing the best security out there, and that comes from experienced personnel.

You see a lot of ex-military and ex-law enforcement in this field because these people were trained to identify threats and address them in a quick and quiet manner. In the case of surveillance on a property, they are usually the best because they know what sections of the building need to be watched, where they blind spots are, and most importantly, where to position your camera equipment in order to take advantage of these missing sight lines.

Remember when you are trying to do the best job possible, you get the best equipment and the best people, at that point you are setting yourself up for success.