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Security Systems for Your Home and Business

Posted by Discount Security Store on 6/13/2015

An effective way of protecting your home and business from break-ins, theft and criminal damage is having a security system installed.  Even if your business or home is located in an area relatively crime free, it is worth consideration of having a security system installed.  Potential intruders will be warned that a security system is in use by the placement of signs on the grounds and/or in windows providing an excellent deterrent.  We cannot always anticipate future risks, so the installation is worth it.

Home Systems

Make a list of all the windows and doors you want to protect and think about possible locations for the control panel and keypad. Popular locations include close to the front door or in your bedroom, because you are less likely to forget to set the alarm. Monitored security systems are connected to a central station that looks after the security of your property for a monthly fee. If you want to save money, you can choose a self-monitoring system that alerts your mobile phone or another number if the alarm is triggered.

Wired or Wireless?

Wired systems means that holes will need to be drilled in the walls during installation. If you wish to avoid this, consider a wireless system but make sure that the transmission range is wide enough to cover the whole property.

User Friendly

If you have a dog or a cat that wanders around the house at night or if family members often rise to get snacks or glasses of water, this must be taken into consideration as it will influence the type of motion sensors you will need. Choose a company that provides pet-friendly systems. Make sure that changing codes is an easy task that all family members can be involved in. Will your system work with other home safety sensors? Check that carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms will not be affected by your new security system.

Business Security

Most businesses use a combination of security measures to ensure that their premises’ are fully protected. A wide range of options are available, from the most basic bells-only alarm to more complex and expensive security systems. Bells-only alarms probably won’t be accepted by insurers as adequate for protecting a commercial building. A more reliable alternative is the fully-monitored system as the triggering of an alarm means that an Alarm Receiving Center will be immediately informed. The Center will confirm whether the alarm is false or a real alert and notify the relevant services, for example the police or a private security provider.