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Spy on Your Staff

Posted by Discount Security Store on 6/6/2015
Big brother seems to be everywhere these days, and for good reason. People behave better when they know they’re being watched. Not only that, but if they do misbehave, you have the evidence to prove it.

One of the most important ways you can protect your business is by hiring a staff that you can trust. Sometimes, however, it seems that the staff you thought you hired isn’t the staff you have.

Restaurant and bar owners are particularly vulnerable to staff misconduct especially when the boss isn’t around. Giving free meals and drinks to friends, drinking with customers, and stealing food are just a few unwanted behaviors that can be alleviated with the use of covert camera and recording devices.
Finding good employees can be difficult, especially when it’s not a full-time career position you’re hiring for. Wait staff come and go, and are usually just trying to get through college or make a few extra bucks during the holidays. Sometimes they stay on after the holidays or can’t find other work after they graduate from school. For the most part, these folks tend to be honest, hardworking people.

The ones you want to watch out for are those who want to make more than just a few bucks on the side. The last thing you want is for your employees to be conducting illegal activity on your premises. When it seems too difficult because they’re being watched, chances are, the questionable employee will quit or find somewhere else to do his “business.”

While no one likes to be mistrusted, having security cameras recording your staff’s behavior might be a necessary step, especially if you’re finding that things like your bottom line and product inventory aren’t adding up. If you find some of your employees are upset by the addition of security cameras, then it’s a safe bet that these particular employees might have something to hide.

It’s not an invasion of their privacy. It’s your business, and it needs to be protected.