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The Business Benefits of PTZ Security Cameras

Posted by Discount Securty Store on 5/6/2016 to CCTV

The PTZ in PTZ cameras stand for pan, tilt and zoom – the three things a PTZ camera can do that other security cameras can’t. The mobility it offers makes it a great choice for surveying large open spaces, but its price makes buying one for a small store or an office perhaps overkill. Still if you have large physical security concerns a color PTZ is the way to go to protect your business. 

As opposed to fixed cameras, PTZ cameras can be manipulated so that they can be used to monitor a large area. The ability to zoom the camera allows it to capture important details, like faces and car license plates. The manipulation of the camera can be done automatically – by setting a pattern the camera follows at certain times, or by having security camera operators control it. With the automatic manipulation, the camera is programmed to spend some time monitoring a certain area before moving on to monitor another area for a determined period of time, before moving on. Manual manipulation, on the other hand, enables tracking with the camera, and it gives the operator the ability to zoom in on any emerging point of interest. All of these characteristics can potentially reduce the cost of security surveillance.

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