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The Classic Keys to the Physical Security of Your Building

Posted by DSS Team on 10/18/2014

Although the DiscountSecurityStore sells card readers, IP access control systems, keypads, CCTV and other security camera systems, door strikes, lock boxes and all sorts of other security systems and equipment, we are not just about what we have in stock and ready to ship. We are actually all about the physical security of your facility, campus, or building whether you get that security from us or from following the old-school security steps that have been protecting folks for generations.


Whenever possible, replace old door locks with key locks. These types of locks tend to be stronger and more secure than many other commonly used door locks. Also, if your filing cabinets and drawers are not key locked, change them. In fact, depending upon what they contain, it may be the law that they be kept locked.

Windows are sometimes neglected when it comes to installing locks. Do not make that mistake. You should even make sure upper floor windows have locks that are actually used.

Surge Protectors

Not all physical threats are of the two-legged variety. Protect your valuable electronic equipment with surge protectors, which are inexpensive and easy to use.

Fire Alarms and Fire Extinguishers

You, your people, and your buildings and equipment must all be protected from the real threat of fire. If you need guidance, contact your local fire department. They will also inspect your fire alarms and extinguishers and even help you put in place a fire response plan.

Fencing and Outer Perimeter Security

While not all facilities need a fence, yours might. You might even need a barbed wire fence. As you secure your place, do not forget the importance of outer perimeter security. If a fence is too extreme for your location look to landscaping, walls, pathways and the such that will funnel people through areas that are easily observed. These will keep many would-be ill-doers from entering your buildings since they will get the feeling they are being watched.

Motion-Activated Lighting

Motion-activated lighting is so effective and so inexpensive that I do not understand why every building and home in the nation does not have them installed. Do you?


Educate your people on how to stay safe, how to react to emergencies, how to respond to strangers, and how to identify people and situations that seem to be out of place. After they have been educated, run some drills to let them practice what they have learned.