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The Classic Keys to the Physical Security of Your Building

Posted by DSS Team on 10/18/2014
Locks, windows, fire alarms, security lighting, surge protectors and educating your employees will help you, your facility, and your people stay safe.

Reasons to Buy a Pro Box Security Camera

Posted by Discount Security Store on 10/13/2014
When setting up a CCTV system for your house or business, one of the worst preconceptions you might have is that the choice between different cameras basically comes down to the price. In reality, different types of cameras are better suited for different conditions, and work best with different placements. It’s the technology used in different types of cameras that gives them features which make them more desirable for some tasks. These features are the reasons you should buy one camera instead of the other, not the pricing.

Keys Management Made Easy Using Key Cabinets

Posted by Discount Security Store on 10/5/2014
Office security management can be hosted on different fronts-it can cover front door security, installation of CCTV systems that can protect employees 24/7 and software upgrades to protect computer and even Point of Sale (POS) terminals. Traditionally, offices and other institutions invest a lot of money in these security solutions. While all these can help implement security in the workplace, there are still some ‘ordinary and must-do’ security steps that are often overlooked by the management and security personnel. 
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