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CCTV for Home and Business Security

Posted by Discount Securty Store on 5/14/2016
At Discount Security Store we have the products you need in relation to home and/or business surveillance and security. What follows is a basic understanding of what CCTV is and how it functions for surveillance and security.

All About Smart Cards

Posted by Discount Securty Store on 5/7/2016 to Buisness Security
A smart card resembles a credit card in size and shape, but inside it is completely different. First of all, it has an inside -- a normal credit card is a simple piece of plastic. The inside of a smart card usually contains an embedded microprocessor. The microprocessor is under a gold contact pad on one side of the card. Think of the microprocessor as replacing the usual magnetic stripe on a credit card or debit card.

The Business Benefits of PTZ Security Cameras

Posted by Discount Securty Store on 5/6/2016 to CCTV
The PTZ in PTZ cameras stand for pan, tilt and zoom – the three things a PTZ camera can do that other security cameras can’t. The mobility it offers makes it a great choice for surveying large open spaces, but its price makes buying one for a small store or an office perhaps overkill. Still if you have large physical security concerns a color PTZ is the way to go to protect your business.
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