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Bullet Cameras

When it comes to flexible and smart camera solutions for security purposes, bullet cameras provide the best results. These cameras traditionally incorporated in CCTV systems are permanently sealed and protected against the elements and changing weather conditions. Thanks to the use of a sturdy enclosure, bullet cameras for security can be used indoors or outdoors and can be installed without purchasing additional mounting hardware or enclosure. In short, bullet security cameras provide an intelligent approach to implementing security at home, in the office and even in a retail environment. And here at Discount Security Store, we provide you with a comprehensive selection of bullet cameras for different applications.

Browse our site to check our comprehensive list of bullet security cameras that comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware, warranty and with attractive pricing. Our leading selections of bullet cameras have built-in LED capabilities, in high resolution and can work day and night.

At Discount Security Store, we also carry bullet cameras for homes like DSS-BVRS816W Weather Proof Camera under changing weather conditions and DSS--BVLE-887B HD D/N LR Dual Volt that can work even in low visibility. To know more about the camera’s specs, call us at 800-718-0109 or fill up this Contact Form to get quotes and receive personalized service.

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